05 May 2010

Updated Ski/Snowboard Link

Being an avid winter enthusiast, I've always wanted a place where I could find all the information I needed about Utah ski resort. With information about Utah ski resorts, I felt like I can make the best decisions on where I should ride or ski. Skiing is not cheap... so it's important to know about what the resorts offer so you get some bang for your buck. Unfortunately, after much searching, I haven't been able to find a place that compares all Utah ski resorts. As a result, I decided to create that place.

To see a summary of what Utah ski resorts offer, click here. When doing so, you'll see the following compared with all 13 of Utah's ski resorts:

  • Lift ticket price
  • Number of ski lifts
  • Ski runs
  • Elevation
  • Ski-able acres 
  • Top Elevation
  • Average snowfall
  • Breakdown of difficulty
  • And more!!
If you want to see trail maps from all of Utah's ski resorts, click here. What a great thing to have all the trail maps in one convenient location!

15 April 2010

Utah Local Review Blog - The beginning

I've always been an extremely opinionated person. My mother has told me on different occasions that she "can't get a word in edge-wise" when speaking with me. I do the talking, others do the listening. It's not that I want to be a domineering, abrupt person... it's just that I'm aware of my surroundings and enjoy formulating opinions.

This blog is a place to learn all about everything Utah has to offer... for locals and for visitors. What does Utah have to offer? Why go to Utah? What is there to do in Utah? These are all reasonable questions that will be addressed here. There will be reviews of Utah restaurants, Utah ski resorts, Utah hiking locations... and everything in between. Become a follower of this blog and we'll enjoy the journey together!